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Hey guys! So, as many of you know, over at 20inspirations the theme for last round was Text. I had been so gung-ho about the theme because text is definitely something I struggle with and I know it's one of my weaker points so I wanted to take a good hard stab at it. I only got up to 12 icons done though :( I had thought maybe I just wouldn't post until I did finish the full 20 but given how crazy things are rn in real life (in a good day, luckily -- don't worry, no shattered monitors or water logged laptops this time lol) I figured best to just go ahead and post now. I can always continue to work on my text in future batches, amirite? My claim was Teen Wolf and I think I feel okay with how most turned out? I definitely have even more of an appreciation of those makers who make it look so easy. I have included textless alts for nearly all of them should you prefer that. The rest of the icons are just ones I've had around on my laptop from various activities. Things are looking up so here's hoping from now til the rest of the year you get a couple posts from me a month, an icon and a texture post at least. Thank you in advance for your comments, I really appreciate them! ♥

(Includes 10 textless alts)
(One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars, Leverage, Smallville)
29-35 MUSIC & FILM
(One Direction [Zayn Malik], Disney [Tarzan, Monsters Inc.], The Princess Bride)

001 002 003 004 01-04
005 006 007 008 05-08
019 020 011 012 09-12
013 014 015 016 13-16
009 010 017 018 17-20
021 022 023 21-23

024 025 026 027 24-27
028 029 030 031 28-31
034 035 033 03232-35

please credit likealight.
comments are appreciated ♥.
watch for future updates.
textless icons are not bases.
please do not repost elsewhere.

[ X ] 30 Multifandom (Veronica Mars, TVD, OTH, PLL)
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