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24 April 2013 @ 11:41 pm
Hey guys! So, as many of you know, over at 20inspirations the theme for last round was Text. I had been so gung-ho about the theme because text is definitely something I struggle with and I know it's one of my weaker points so I wanted to take a good hard stab at it. I only got up to 12 icons done though :( I had thought maybe I just wouldn't post until I did finish the full 20 but given how crazy things are rn in real life (in a good day, luckily -- don't worry, no shattered monitors or water logged laptops this time lol) I figured best to just go ahead and post now. I can always continue to work on my text in future batches, amirite? My claim was Teen Wolf and I think I feel okay with how most turned out? I definitely have even more of an appreciation of those makers who make it look so easy. I have included textless alts for nearly all of them should you prefer that. The rest of the icons are just ones I've had around on my laptop from various activities. Things are looking up so here's hoping from now til the rest of the year you get a couple posts from me a month, an icon and a texture post at least. Thank you in advance for your comments, I really appreciate them! ♥

(Includes 10 textless alts)
(One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars, Leverage, Smallville)
29-35 MUSIC & FILM
(One Direction [Zayn Malik], Disney [Tarzan, Monsters Inc.], The Princess Bride)

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24 March 2013 @ 08:50 pm
Triangles, circles, and squares oh my?! So, when we last left you'll remember that I was on a kick where I wanted to make some composition-y~ type textures but those were all black and white. Wellllll, now I bring you some in (living) color! I also gave myself the stipulation that everything had to be made with either a shape tool or the pen tool. Real talk, some of these are kind of out there and I don't see how I would use them and I'm the one who made them, haha. BUT THEY WERE FUN TO MAKE! Out of all the textures I've made, I think these are the ones I'm most excited to see in finished icons just because I'd love to see what people come up with!!! Tiny batch, only 16 textures with two of the textures having 500x500 versions included in the zip pack (or you can click on the respective textures below (first two)).

I've also included a poll at the end if you wouldn't mind filling out so I can get an idea of what kind of textures that I've made in the past you'd like me to make more of first (I swear at some point there will be icons!). Have a good week and thank you for commenting! :D

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20 March 2013 @ 06:28 pm
Hi! I come with textures! I had been wanting to work on an all black/white set for a while and well here we go. I had also wanted to try my hand at some frame-y type textures and most importantly some composition-y type ones? A few bonus grainy ones are in the mix too. Idk if I pulled any of it off haha, but hopefully a couple are of use to you! I have already started on a similar type of pack but all in ~color~~~ so look out for that. At some point we'll be back to light textures, worry not! Thank you in advance for any comments and I look forward to perhaps seeing some of these out and about!

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19 February 2013 @ 05:20 pm
Heyyooo! I hope February is treating you all nicely! Today I bring you one of two very over do battles, bless both my partners for their patience. Today's is a Teen Dramas battle I did with the crazy talented messdestruction. I went a little variation crazy on some (as I do) but in most cases it was just to give those who prefer a textless version an option to choose from. This entire batch is brought to you by Ellie Goulding's latest album and the font A Bug's Life as I used and abused both of these to a ridic extent. I really look forward to hear what you guys think of this batch! Let me also take a second to apologize for not getting back to your comments in a timely manner, it pains me, but atm my internet situation is rather limited. But do know I appreciate every single comment!♥ Finally, and most importantly, don't forget to check out the battle and Amaya's AMAZING icons over here!


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29 January 2013 @ 01:30 pm
Hello, loves! I hope the New Year is treating everyone well! ♥ Long time no post, and I wish I could come to you with a rather large post, but I suppose something tiny is better than nothing?? I bring you icons from two technical themed battles, both hosted by marcasite. The first is a rainbow (yay rainbows!!) battle, you can find all the icons here and the second is a BBC battle, which you can find here. You should definitely go check out all of the icons from both battles! Not much to ramble with you this time - shocking, I know - so I leave you with the icons. Hover for fandom and the technical prompt assigned to each icon. Take care, qts! :)

09-20 BBC
Merlin, The Hour, True Love, Sherlock, Skins, Luther, Jane Eyre, Doctor Who

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