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Triangles, circles, and squares oh my?! So, when we last left you'll remember that I was on a kick where I wanted to make some composition-y~ type textures but those were all black and white. Wellllll, now I bring you some in (living) color! I also gave myself the stipulation that everything had to be made with either a shape tool or the pen tool. Real talk, some of these are kind of out there and I don't see how I would use them and I'm the one who made them, haha. BUT THEY WERE FUN TO MAKE! Out of all the textures I've made, I think these are the ones I'm most excited to see in finished icons just because I'd love to see what people come up with!!! Tiny batch, only 16 textures with two of the textures having 500x500 versions included in the zip pack (or you can click on the respective textures below (first two)).

I've also included a poll at the end if you wouldn't mind filling out so I can get an idea of what kind of textures that I've made in the past you'd like me to make more of first (I swear at some point there will be icons!). Have a good week and thank you for commenting! :D

001 002 003 004
005 006 007 008
009 010 011 012
013 014 015 016


What style of textures would you like to see more of? Check all that apply; click for examples of style.

Light-Fill Textures [where color(s) fill the entire canvas]
Light-Accent Textures [where color(s) are take up only a portion of a canvas; dark/black bg]
Other Textures (feel free to say in the comments by leaving examples or a description)
Tags: -likealight, .other: textures
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